Designed and built by a multinational team working in the US, Latin America and Asia, Pharos is a truly global solution. Aimed at Companies looking for either a full package with complete functionality or certain components to be integrated with the Company’s existing IT applications. This can be in a single territory or in different territories or across the globe, operating in one or more business lines.   Read more...

  Individual Group Bancassurance Microinsurance
Life check check check check
Pensions and Annuities check check check check
Health check check check check
Property and Casualty check check check check


Web Based Architecture

Our Solution was developed web based architecture taking advantage of state of the art web technologies such as high bandwidth and very responsive user interfaces.   Read more...


Standard Open Source and Mature Programming Tools

Programming languages, development environments, database systems, etc., used in the system are all portable, both in proprietary and non proprietary platforms , as well as mature, stable and have high performance and productivity. Business Advantages: lower cost of licensing, wider source of resources, options to choose hardware and software platforms that best suit the business case.    Read more...



Lloyds' Insurance in Developing Countries Report:

The potential market for insurance in developing countries is estimated to be between 1.5 and 3bn policies. There is a significant demand for a range of insurance products including health and life insurance, agricultural and property insurance, and catastrophe cover. Microinsurance is effective in markets with little experience of insurance – but it needs to be efficient, cheap and simple.   Read more...