The Pharos Team has the experience of having worked with over 100 clients and prospects in more than 20 countries. Large amount of knowledge and experience have been gathered in many different markets. This enables the implementation of your specific product rules and terms, allowing you to play to market positioning and product strengths. We not only implement your solution but bring our deep knowledge of international markets, e.g. Europe including the UK, China and South America to the table. This specific knowledge has been incorporated into the core functionality of the the Pharos application. The product platform allows for deployment on large and small scale markets because its cost benefit is clear. From Multi National to boutique providers the technology we bring to our clients frees the business to not only compete but to change the way end user customers are served.

We remain at the forefront because we can adapt and innovate without the encumbrances of legacy architectures, hardware or processes that have been impediments. Pharos is a strategic asset that benefits the insurer and most importantly it’s channels and clients, changing the way business is managed.