Pharos Architecture

Web Based Architecture

Pharos was developed using a web based architecture that takes advantage of state of the art web tools such as high bandwidth and very responsive user interfaces.

Business Advantages: ability to push services to external parties, easier to use screens, lower costs, efficiency.

Service Oriented

Pharos SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) simplifies connectivity among interacting software agents. Services are units of work performed by Service Providers to achieve desired end results for a Service Consumer. Both Provider and Consumer are roles played by software agents on behalf of their owners. Our complete Solution is composed of services having provider and consumer roles. Some Service examples are: The Proposal Manager, The Reinsurance Manager, The Account Manager. Use of SOA gives our Solution total flexibility when modifying or augmenting the services logic, ease of replacing services according to Customer requirements, reuse of existing services, ease of integration, performance and scalability and increased robustness.

Very User Friendly Presentation Layer

An improved web experience through better user interfaces is a key element in our Solution: responsive and experienced user performance (use of AJAX), easy to learn and retain, same layout for all products, aesthetically pleasing, consistent, predictable. Direct implications are the reduced cost of training and support, immediate productivity by end users because of the , ability to interact with different types of users including mobile workforces. The business architecture of Pharos makes it possible for all products to share a single user interface, making it very easy to train new users, and for users from a line of business to move or work in another line without further training.

Flexible and Extensible

Pharos can be easily customized for many companies across the globe, without sacrificing performance. Techniques such as a very generic and solid business model (insurance products, contracts, conditions, and logic that can be configured and extended for each company) and current state of the art design techniques are heavily used in the new system. Business Advantages: the same core system for all markets lowers costs, and provides a consistent standard across markets for global insurers or insurers in several markets.

High Performance

Pharos was conceived to handle a very large number of transactions. Performance is exceptional on platforms ranging from relatively small servers to large high performance servers clusters. This is not achieved simply by increasing the hardware capabilities, but rather by using techniques such as concurrency control, resource pooling, transaction load balancing and others. As a result Pharos is a Solution suited for multiple Insurance business models, from Global to Regional and Local insurers.

Highly Reliable

Pharos takes advantage of highly reliable hardware architectures using redundant systems, server farms, clusters. It can recover from hardware system failures which leads to continuous business operations and very high levels of Customer Service.

Highly Secure

With a growing number of business transactions being executed electronically using the web security becomes a major concern. Pharos incorporates the use of technologies such as PKIs (Public Key Infrastructure) for authentication, Digital Signatures, Integrity, and Archiving. Our Architecture includes sophisticated access and audit controls.