Technical Features of Pharos

Standard Open Source and Mature Programming Tools

All Programming Languages, Development Environments, Database Systems used in Pharos are fully compatible with proprietary and non proprietary platforms. This set of tools have the needed maturity, stability, high performance and productivity to guarantee a successful operation in relatively small to very large implementations, without restricting the insurance company to use their preferred technology platform. Licensing costs become lower because of the independence of proprietary platforms. There is a wider source of resources and multiple options to choose hardware and software platforms that best suit each Customer's configuration and needs.

Integration Techniques

Pharos used XML and Web Services for integration with other internal and external systems and services. Pharos can also be accessed by external systems through Web Services, RMI and other mechanisms such as message queues. The usage of standard mark up languages such as XML and the possibility to transform these to XML-based Insurance Industry Standards and other Standards guarantee Interoperability, B2B enabling, reusability and easier data migration.


Pharos can access plugins from multiple places, including user business rules. Pharos also has multiple contact points where standard interfaces can be implemented by user components and invoked during different processes. These external plug-ins are dynamically registered so they are controlled by the specification of the user.

Multifunctional Data Stores

Relational, Free Text, Mail, Imaging (Pictures, Documents), Multimedia (Video, Voice), Multidimensional (business Intelligence) are different forms of business data that can be managed by Pharos.

Portable and Adaptable to new Hardware Devices

Pharos can take advantage of new forms of hardware devices from mobile computers to server clusters, grids and mass storage. Adjustments in software can be made at very low cost using layered and component based software architectures.


Pharos has a very powerful security system, where functions can be restricted at any level. The security system is complemented with an extensive audit mechanism that can log user transactions and internal transactions, thus complying with most of the worlds regulations. Audit trails at service levels can be configured by the user.

Our strategic partnership with Guardtime, a global leader in independently verifyable tamper-proof audit trail software, along with the operation in outsourced data centers, are key to keeping the cost of transactions down, while maintaining very high levels of security, elements that are critical to any insurer.

By integrating with Guardtime, a 'keyless signature' is added to all insurance data indicating its origin, and providing stakeholders complete transparency in guaranteeing that it has not been tampered with while in transit or stored on a disk.